Friday, October 2, 2015

I had to warn my co-worker, Cindy,  that, chances are,  if you go out with me you are out morning, noon, and night… She took on the challenge and we were off…

She's been wanting to go to Rogers so we headed there first. We stopped at a few places along the way.

The weather wasn't that great - a little windy and there weren't that many people out. Still, quite a few -just not like the really busy days.

Step away, Jeannine. You don't need any more rusty things to put a tree in and you certainly don't need any more trucks.

You can have a donut the size of your head, though. That doesn't have to go directly to storage.

We saw the signs for East Liverpool so we decided to go there. There was a really nice big antique store that had way too much stuff - tons of Fiesta. Here, it turns out it's just right over the bridge from Newell. I'm wondering if that's the town where DCD and I went to eat that time we were at the outlet. I can't remember. Anyway, I bought a few things and another school desk and chair. God Help Me.  What is wrong with me? Seriously?!

As I always do, I asked the shopkeepers where we should eat… they told us to go to the cafeteria down the road. Cafeteria?!  OK!

I sent this pic to Chrissy…

How bad is it that she actually thought I bought it? I WISH IT WAS FOR SALE! It was really in the parking lot.

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