Saturday, August 13, 2011


Back posting again for yesterday, now... When I got to Chrissy's on Friday to help with the pricing for her yard sale she already had some merch set aside for me... a star and moon rug, a serving dish from Kathy Zubritzky with a "rosebud" on it, a snowman candle... and in true hoarder vs hoarder fashion, as I was putting the price stickers on things, there were times when I often said "I'm going to keep this." These guys were one of those times.
There is a soft spot in my heart for any kind of robot creature.

There were several other things that were on my list but I decided to wait and see if they sold because, really, how many serving dishes and chafing dishes (among other things) can one person have?!? ;-) This guy, surprisingly, did not sell.
There was no choice other than to come home with me. A promise is a promise, right?

On my way home, tired and dirty and possibly a little delirious, I went into unexpected hysterics. There was something that hopped through my mind about a house I saw and I couldn't wait to go home and tell David. For one brief second I forgot that he wasn't going to be there. That's been happening a lot recently.

As I thought about my little creature in the car a whole different vision came about. I remember, after our second miscarriage, coming home from the hospital. I got all comfy in the living room covered with my Aggie Blanket and David ordered take out from Max & Erma's or Applebee's - somewhere like that. I remember having dinner and watching the Wall-E dvd (that, coincidently, Chrissy had bought me.) I was sad from the day and the cuteness of the movie and I remember (me on the love seat) reaching out my hand to David (on the couch) and him holding it. I remember that moment.

It's funny what we remember...

...and what we forget.

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