Tuesday, August 16, 2011


1. By the looks of some of the characters there the answer is probably NO and even knowing that I do have some hoarder tendencies I still, as I was putting it in there, did wonder if I was the only one with a shopping cart in her storage unit?
I tried to justify it by saying it was just a little one. ;-)

2. Sometimes I want to be blonde again.

3. I have to delete some photos from Iphoto so I can download the rest of the lake pictures...I didn't get the actual picture of Lily's paws touching the water for the first time because I was too concerned (aka paranoid!) about her getting washed away. I wanted to make sure I was watching her for real and not through the lens - this is right before, though.

4. I've decided I'm definitely an ocean girl - though the lake was better than I expected. I still like hearing the waves and that was missing. While we were there we had craft day and did some mosaicing. Mine is downstairs somewhere waiting to be grouted - I'll take a picture of it later... these are Carey's.

5. I totally want this outfit. A Wonder Woman one would be cuter, though.

6. Good idea - "For a discrete and convenient paper towel roll location, remove a drawer and install a paper towel holder in its place."

7. I'm not the only one, right? ;-)

8. found on Pinterest

9. Old but still a very good video clip... Christian the Lion. I guess it's not only elephants that "never forget."

10. The dangers of leaving your pug alone with your laptop... they get all silly on Photo Booth!

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