Monday, August 29, 2011


* Did you know that the usual expression is really deserts - one s... I remember reading that some time ago... desert - as well as a barren land also refers to a deserved reward or punishment. So someone that has done wrong is, in fact, getting his just deserts (with one s.) If you want more info - read this...

Ok - lesson over... tonight, I do mean desserts. ;-)

Today was a weird, weird day.

Aunt Gloria and I both had dentist appointments ... she gets so excited and loves these days out because she knows we end up going to lunch after. We had lunch at Caseys today. Lately, she always wants to get dessert when we go out. She says it might be her last time - she keeps saying she's old and she might drop dead so she might as well go for broke.
She was eating her chicken salad sandwich and fries and out of the blue said too bad Dave missed this. I never know if she forgets what's going on or got the wrong name and meant my dad or someone... I asked who she meant and she did mean him... she said she was thinking of our wedding and how nice it was. And then, with tears in her eyes, she said he never said goodbye to me - which broke my heart into a million pieces.

She said it with no regard to how I felt, though... I've been noticing the older someone gets the more selfish they seem... like a child - it's all about them. I wanted to scream out HOW DO YOU THINK I FEEL but couldn't. It's not all about me, I guess.

On our way home, we had to stop at Walgreens for a couple things...a five minute trip usually takes way longer these days... I sometimes dread it because I'm usually in a hurry. The place was packed too - I knew this was going to be interesting when Glo (mis)read this sign and said it must be busy because they are giving away flu drops (not sure what she thought they really were)
but she said - we'll be quick - I don't want any drops anyway. ;-)

We were in there for 45 minutes!!!

We got what we needed and brought it to the register and there was a woman in front of us...She bought $133.33 worth of things on clearance... the salesgirl was laughing and said yesterday she (the same lady) bought $134.33 worth of things and she should go play trip 3s on the lottery. We all started talking and the salesgirl said she is in hair school in monroeville - she knows benny pusateri who I went to school with... she asked my name so she could tell him she met me...

The big clearance shopper lady heard and asked if I said DeLuca or DiGioia - I said both and she, of course, knew both... She asked if I was married to Tony (she was a patient) and asked if I was related to the state representative. Her daughter or niece or someone is married to his son. I thought that would be the last of it but then she came over and gave Aunt Gloria a kiss! She lovingly said THIS IS FROM THE POPE. She asked if she could kiss me too and I said sure and that was the start of our 30 minute conversation inside Walgreens next to the checkout... she told us she had three audiences with the Pope on a trip to Italy and feels blessed so she wants to pass it on... she told us all about her cruise and the apartment they rented and the steps she said the rosary on... she told us about the Basilica and washing her clothes and hanging them on the windows to dry... the paninis she ate with grilled vegetables and how they were wrapped in three different papers... I could go on and on. It was somewhat annoying and incredibly cute at the same time. We finally walked out and wouldn't you know - she was parked right next to me. I got Glo in and helped "uncle Red's wife Lorraine" (I can't remember her last name) with her hundred bags. She told me what was in each of them as I put them in the car - actual price and reduced price... she said she was buying them for Christmas gifts. I brought her cart back in the store and she thanked me and walked over to this young boy with Down's Syndrome who was in front of her car sitting on a bench.

Something tells me, after we pulled away, that boy got a KISS from the Pope. ;-)

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