Saturday, August 6, 2011


I HEART BISCUITS (and mantels)
I thought I would like the new truck stop show on the travel channel more than I actually did. Kind of surprised me. The guy does some sort of promotion there. It's on Interstate 70 - they serve 7 biscuits covered with 70 oz of gravy for $19.99. If you eat it you don't have to pay. I don't think anyone did it yet. Cute thing was they served it in the pig bowl from Restoration Hardware. Anyway, I've been thinking about biscuits ever since I saw that. I stopped at McDonald's for a biscuit and coffee this morning. It's things like that that I think about... when Dave would come back from his long saturday or sunday morning walk in just enough time to go to McDonald's. We'd throw the dog in the car and hurry to get there... The breaks to go to Rolliers for iced tea... silly things. Many things.

I was up bright and early today and at Chrissy's by 7:30 am. There was an estate sale at the house across the street. I'm always intrigued when I walk into one... to see what people want to get rid of. What was once what they wanted and now so easily discarded. This was a pretty interesting house and the husband was a doctor so there were medical tables and beds - fun things like that. No - I didn't buy any of it. At $22 for an operating room instrument table I thought about it, though!

I want to start collecting old vintage cameras. I have some old ones here and thought I would add to them. I'm going to display them on my imaginary mantel in my bedroom or studio for now until they find a respectable place. In reality they will just get boxed up and taken to storage.

I got some frogs too - the ones to hold your flower stems up. My mother-in-law had a bunch of these and they always remind me of her. Chrissy and I keep buying them when we see them - neither of us actually using them very often. ;-)

A folding ruler and a beat up little metal bucket (OMG is it cute!) finished out my $8.00 in purchases.
I think I did ok. I held back on the crates and metal watering cans and the fab red wheelbarrow that would have had a nice home in the backyard of Dixon House. I'm a pretty focused shopper... not very interested in the furniture and normal things... I prefer the more junky, chipped, rusted interesting things. I'm the psycho girl routing through all the tools with the old men. There were some yard edgers and shovels I debated over but by the time I came back they were gone... I should have known.

Along with my cameras I'm going to start collecting clocks for my imaginary living room mantel and globes for the imaginary den or play room mantel. ;-)

Looks like I need a lot of mantels.

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