Saturday, August 27, 2011


We felt like storm chasers yesterday... we were headed in the direction of Irene. We were excited to get some hurricane coverage on AM radio in the car so we were keeping up with what was going on. We went to Bethlehem for a "work trip." It's like Habitat for Humanity but it's really just Habitat for Lizzie. It's a lot of work to pack and unpack - trust me!!! It's not "all work and no play" though - that may be our problem... We didn't get to the "work" part of the trip until today.

There were some things on our must do list - 1. Make it to Yocco's this time. 2. Go to the Just Born factory and tell them it's really STUPID they don't have a tour (they are known to give candy bags to people that come in) and 3. Go to the Marshall's/HomeGoods store. We only got to one of those... #3. It was well worth missing the other ones, though!

Truthfully, we thought Lizzie would be going out with her Allentown friends last night - we were looking forward to hunkering down in our Hyatt Place beds and watching the weather channel all night. It turned out they went out the night before so, after our shopping spree at HomeGoods, we ended up going to Mama Nina's for a late dinner. It was packed. Papa sat us outside and the wine was poured and I had one of the best pasta dishes I've ever eaten - Chicken Fantasy over angel hair. SO good.
Lizzie decided she wanted to stay at the hotel with us so we went back to the house to get some of her things for the night. After unsuccessfully trying to break in (because she forgot her keys) we decided to just go back to the hotel. We ate our complimentary cannolis Nino gave us (for putting up with a hectic dinner crowd)
and decided to go wait for Jacob to get home so he could let us in to get her things - by now it's well after midnight and lizzie is dressed in Chrissy's robe. Here she is in the elevator looking like we just sprung her out of the looney bin. We almost peed our pants from laughing so hard.
Turns out copy editors were working overtime because of the storm and he didn't get home until way after his midnight shift. Some time after 1 am we made it back to the hotel to get not as much bed/weather channel time that we thought we would. ;-( Morning came a little too soon and we got to WORK!!!

There was more that we wanted to see and do but we had a lot of fun while we were there. Thanks and Bye to Bethlehem... Allentown... and Jacob and Holiday!

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