Tuesday, August 30, 2011



1. With the hurricane it was fun to hear all the different pronunciations of NORFOLK... I always think of my Dad's gay breathing therapist saying the Norfolk high school cheerleader cheer - "we don't drink... we don't smoke... nor fuck - nor fuck - nor fuck." Hmmm - I'm hoping Naas Bakery didn't flood.

2. They were talking on the radio about Steve Jobs and how he was the only guy that could get away with wearing a turtle neck tucked into Mom Jeans and you still respected him as the best boss ever. Funny and true.

3. Now this would get me in the back of the truck.

4. I forgot - we also wanted to go to the Eerily Lit Steelworks Hulk... didn't make it there either. We did see it from across the bridge though so we can kind of check it off our list.

5. You know I hate the overuse of the word awesome - especially for non-awesome things. This, though, is f-ing AWESOME. I can not wait to re-create this with one of my girls or maybe a flower.

6. Christmas 2011 theme has been chosen: MEXICAN. Funny thing is I didn't feel like cooking last night so I called and ordered dinner from Rey Azteca. Ready in 5 minutes. Maybe I can pay them to come over and cook for us!

7. On our way home from Bethlehem we probably saw a hundred of these trucks in a bunch of different caravans all headed to the hurricane areas.

8. This truck being towed was kind of freaky to drive behind.

9. We saw these birds at the hotel parking lot... we think she was hurt and he was not going to leave her behind. So sweet. I hope they are ok.

10. We met with our nutritionist tonight...The Dad wanted to go to The Olive Garden after (I know that was BAD) and I don't even like it that much... he asked me which sugar packet color was which and I had no idea... I don't use fake sugar and prefer he doesn't but it was kind of stupid that they weren't marked... at least I couldn't see it if they were - not that that would have aided in making a decision anyway.

12. This "gastropub" is adorable. The Mint. It's in an old bank in Bethlehem.

13. I'm not the biggest fan of Cracker Barrel but we were starving on our way home from getting Lizzie and didn't know where to stop. My chicken and dumplings were actually pretty good. I haven't been there in years.
Thinking about the big checker set we had on our living room coffee table and seeing these rockers...
...it just kind of made me sad. That place always reminds me of Mum & Dad and all the times we would stop in Winchestertownville before the beach.

Oops - I went to number this and it looks like I went over my Ten. ;-) Keeping them in anyway= Thirteen on Tuesday

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