Wednesday, August 3, 2011


TEN ON TUESDAY (Yes, I know it's Wednesday)
I didn't feel like doing this yesterday so I'll do it tonight.

1. Lunch in the car - iced tea and Southwest Sizzler - my fave sandwich at the moment from Eat Unique.

2. Did you know??? "Dammit I'm mad" spelled backwards is "Dammit I'm mad"

3. I actually bought this at Marshalls on clearance for 70 cents. It has a broken base and broken nose - I figured no one else would buy it and it would just get thrown away. I can do something with it. Really, I can. ;-)

4. "I'll take people who sleep in the nude for 500, Alex...." We were all having dinner last week and one of the entertainment shows was on - we were cracking up over this story...

5. Have you seen this headset you attach to your phone?

6. I was making egg salad the other day and this reminded me of something - part of me always thought we would have twins. ;-(

7. I found a lot of interesting trees on our hike to the lake. I felt like this one was going to tap me on my shoulder as I walked by.

8. Frontier Fries!

9. Found on Pinterest... what a fabulous idea - every anniversary take a picture holding a picture of the year before. I think it would be a cute first day of school thing too.

10. I was in a discussion yesterday on this infertility site about whether or not men feel the same kind of rush of emotions when they are around other people's babies/children or when they see things like this... they think about all the parties they missed with their own children or the cute dresses or trips to the doctors or any other silly things... Like if a man was to see something like this...
...what does he feel? There were a couple guys in the chat that contributed and said it was the same. This video from Keiko Zoll was brought up again - worth seeing if infertility is part of your life.

Just because it's funny...
11. There's definitely a difference with a big dog sleeping in your bed...
...and a little one! ;-)

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