Saturday, October 1, 2011





We took a field trip to the zoo today. Carey won an auction to go behind the scenes and talk to some of the zoo keepers and invited us to go along with her.

This guy, Melvin, was the big hit. We got to feed him. It seemed like he had a little crush on Carey.
This little one was my favorite though. ;-)
It was a miserable rainy day but we had a great time! I got a little upset in the polar bear tunnel - I always think of the living seas in Disney when I'm in there (and today was the 40th anniversary of WDW - I brought my mickey gloves I bought on our honeymoon to mark the day) and, believe it or not, the gift shop was a little hard to take. Funny - the things that get to me. Like this thing...
and these...
...and walking to my car and looking up at this.
The inside of my umbrella that Sharon got me as part of my shower gift. I know - I'm weird. I've been hot and cold today and I think that's going to last a long while. This is not going to be easy.

Anyway, my laptop is giving me all kinds of trouble tonight and it just took me a super long time to upload some of the 200+ photos I took. I posted a few to facebook. It's almost 2:30 am so you can see some other pictures by clicking here. I quit trying to download the rest.

Oh - two new lion cubs were introduced today too. See story here.

Thanks, Carey!!! You don't get to give a giraffe a carrot every day! It was fun.

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