Tuesday, June 26, 2012



1. I was surprisingly re-blogged a few days ago... it was on a Dean Martin tribute site.  Ain't that a kick in the head!?  I don't know how many other Dean Martin blogs there are but I can almost guarantee this is the best! Check it out - really good DM stuff.  Click here to visit "I Love Dino Martin."

2. How bad is it that the first thing I saw was a hidden mickey? (Second, was bacon!)

3. I'm going to be 10 lbs heavier by the end of the week... went to Union Grill last night... Pino's this afternoon and Girosole's tonight.

4. I posted this before... I know I am biased but I stumbled upon it and I just have to post it again because, seriously, she is so damn cute.

5. Lily's Doggy BFF, Sabrina, came over to visit the other day. They had fun! ;-)
6. I found so many photos I forgot about. The little itsy bitsy puppy...

... and school...
...and the house and my flowers and pots...
...and so much more!  I know there are over 10,0000 pictures on my laptop - I have no idea how many are on big mac. I forgot to check.

7. I ended up using Lizzie's computer stand she used as a tv stand in her first DC apartment. Is was in the land of furniture that has no place to go in the Murphy garage. We had to get rid of one bookcase here and move another but it fit perfectly into the spot. Not my first choice and there is no room to do anything but put the computer on it but it works for the time being... the goal was to not upset the room or my dad's house much - too late!  I have a working computer, at least.  BUT...

8.  I am completely confused with this damn cloud thing!?!?!! Why is this so difficult?!?

9. While we are on computer talk... 7142 emails... 2233 unread. Still bad.  That was one of my other while I'm recovering from surgery tasks.  Clean out my email.  Never happened.

10. Sometimes, even when right in from of you, things aren't want they seem...

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dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Miss Jeannine, how extremely kind of you to mention ilovedinomartin to your readership...you have certainly shown what we call true Dinopalliedom to our humble homagin' of our most beloved Dino.
Thanks ever so much for helpin' us reach others for Dino!