Saturday, November 20, 2010



I'm thinking of deactivating my FACEBOOK account... I can't really come up with a good reason to keep it.

I forgot about RoseBud's MYSPACE page and logged on and had a bunch of doggie "friend requests" or whatever they call them over there. I didn't think people still used that thing.

I found out I have BLOG readers from Russia, Finland, Brazil, Hungary, Poland, Canada, Malta, China, Slovenia, Germany, Indonesia, the Netherlands and Philippines and just this week Tunisia...

I had to get rid of my LinkedIn because some guy hacked into my Ebay and Paypal account.

I always have to look up my TWITTER log in and FLICKR account info and by the time I get around to it I've kind of lost interest in posting anything anyway...

And updating my Etsy and DaWanda and ArtFire now too... it's a little too much.

I think this whole web stuff has made me a little ADD. I can go from one blog to another and completely forget what I was doing in the first place. It's kind of stupid when you think about it.

I'm half tempted to just start liking random stuff before I quit and just go out with like 5000 LIKES. I would start with these:
1. When I'm alone in my house + hear a noise, I presume I'm going to be killed.
2. When I see the other person is typing, I delete everything I was typing.
3. Chilling-out, maxing, relaxing all cool and all shooting some b-ball outside of school.
4. I hate it when I go into the bathroom and Mike Tyson's Tiger is in there.
5. I always say "ow" when I bump into something & it doesn't hurt at all.
6. I hate when you look in your closet for clothes and find Narnia instead.
7. Dora, stop fucking around and get a GPS.
8. Being afraid to let your leg hang off your bed in case it gets eaten.
9. A Lion would never cheat on his wife... but a Tiger would.
10. I hate it when you're with MC Hammer and he doesn't let you touch anything.

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