Friday, November 12, 2010



We had some good food while we were away including the Kobe Burger (beautifully presented) at Max Brenner - complete with waffle fries dusted with chili and cocoa powder. Kind of sad we didn't go back again for smores for dessert...

We had good Mexican food in New York New York (can you believe I forgot to take a picture?) and got Hot Dogs from Pinks just to name a few things.
We originally planned to go to Serendipity for my Birthday dinner because I wanted the grilled cheese (I'm not hard to please!) but decided on this place instead.
Hash House A Go Go in the Imperial Palace. Here are our plates (It doesn't really come across well in the photos - they were giant serving size plates!)

Chicken and Biscuits
1LB Stuffed Hamburger
and my selection - Sage Fried Chicken and Waffles (the waffles were stuffed with bacon.)
I would LOVE to fly there for breakfast one day! I want to try the French Toast.

While we are on the topic of breakfast... take a look at this cute story by clicking here. The link to the other photos is missing for some reason now but I googled and found some...

So cute!

and an homage to Angry Birds!

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