Tuesday, November 23, 2010



Do you remember Hills? I loved Hills - and not only because of the snack bar - the hot dogs and the popcorn and the slushies and soft pretzels!!!!

It was an everything store - you could get paper towels and socks and stuff for the car... I sometimes dream about the Christmas decoration aisle there... not sure why.

It was kind of like this place.
I'm not a Wal-Mart girl at all - remember this post? But I do go to Target and every time I go to the one out this way I think about going to Hills. When I was little we went to the Hills in Monroeville more because that one was the one my mother liked. I remember it being just far enough that it was a little trip - not just jump in the car and run up to the shopping center... I feel the same way about going to Target now. It's a little break... kind of fun... absolutely necessary - because everything you get at Target is a necessity, right? You can get dog treats and ice scrapers and napkins or whatever else you want or should I say need.

I went today and instantly gravitated to the "junk" aisle. I always get a Choxie mint chocolate bar (because it's the closest thing to the Fanny Farmer mint chocolate that was my all time favorite) and then I get just about anything else that is on an end cap or is remotely interesting or seasonal. I'm always looking for new snacks... Have you seen the Reeses Chips Ahoy? They are pretty good.

I started laughing in the store because all I could think of on my search through those couple aisles were boobersnacks.

When we were last in Florida, Holden and I were very into drawing... I was teaching him how to draw my girls...
... and he was teaching me how to draw some stuff too.
I was having a little bit of a hard time figuring out some of his creations but he would tell me and I would write them down.
"Boobersnack means your hungry" - (said the) tree that can talk. I'm into trees that can talk so I was totally good with that explanation - though I think I'm going to use that word as a noun from now on. ;-)

I think I will always be haunted by that time and how Mum watched me draw with him - not in a bad way at all - I just think I'll remember that for awhile.

I've been missing her lately - I had a couple questions I thought of and wanted to ask her and then I realized I couldn't. Bad day today for a lot of reasons. ;-(

I think I need a boobersnack!

chickie chickie

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