Sunday, November 21, 2010



I was thinking about that piano that was in the study lounge that David, Steve and I used to go to when we were in the dorms... Yes, random things just pop in and out of my head for no apparent reason! Anyway, I always wanted to learn how to play piano for three songs... Seasons, Halloween and As.

They are using Seasons of Love for a Macy's jewelry commercial... With my love of Jonathan Larson and RENT, at first I was like - I don't know if I like this or not and then I finally looked up and watched it... and then found it online and watched it again and I found something funny... If you aren't familiar with the song it may not make sense - click on the link to view... They go through the whole song and have little vignettes for each word... daylights, sunsets, midnights and cups of coffee... inches, miles, laugher and ----------- THEY DIDN'T HAVE ANYTHING TO SHOW FOR STRIFE.

Now I guess that wouldn't be very "merry" and not very "holiday gift giving" of them to show a couple having a disagreement yet still wearing some bling... I was trying to think of what they could have done... I thought about a man sitting by his wife's death bed holding her hand showing their wedding bands side by side or an anxious new dad with his wedding band around his premature baby's foot or a woman sitting by her husband while he was getting chemo - with his pocket watch in her hand. That's a kind of strife or struggle, right? I KNOW - that would never happen and way to kill the holiday spirit there, girl. ;-)

It bothered me, though, because I think it kind of dismissed real life - I'm probably the only person in the universe that would even care about this. A couple years ago I made a giant wooden calendar with this song as the focus and I had a ruler for the inches and road for the miles... all the other stuff. I remember thinking hard about what I was going to use and ended up using the comedy and tragedy masks for my "laughter and strife" - I didn't leave the strife off. There IS conflict and disagreement and other bad "stuff" that gets in the way of the sunsets and cups of coffee and all the other great things that go on in life. If not, you wouldn't have any reason to appreciate those great things and all the seasons in your life would just roll into one. I know it was only a 30 second ad I don't mean to bring anyone down but I felt like I had to say that. Just keeping it real. ;-)

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