Tuesday, November 16, 2010



1. Every time I take the dog out I picture some mass group of people - like vikings or soldiers or the cast of 300 - coming up from the hill. The other night I saw what seemed to be a big light coming from the back of the neighbors yard and heard rustling in the woods. Lily looked at me and we kind of freaked out and I said let's go (in the house) and she made a move like she was and then the little bitch went running toward the fence! She's bold that's for sure. Still don't know what it was but I think the pup is going to have to get on an earlier schedule when the vikings are busy or I'm going to have a heart attack.

2. I think I'm going to give up my PDP and TWS websites I've had for so long... I can't remember how to update them and everything is on the other computer and the music just makes me sad. ;-(

3. Did you know they make a Slanket for two?
4. Another did you know... Did you know that the Mall of America has no heaters??? Even in winter it stays at 72 degrees because half of the heat comes from the body heat of the visitors to the mall and the other is from the skylights... I saw that on Modern Marvels and thought that was interesting.

5. My post yesterday made me think about when we got RoseBud drunk from the sherry in the chicken from The General. ;-)

6. Now I'm thinking of this... Starts with a "Sh" ends with an "....." - hmmmm???

7. "Where are you going?" "Are you going somewhere?" "Will you be right back?" "Can I go with you?"
Seriously, this little puppy is par-a-noid that I'm going to leave her. I have to be in her sight or by her side at all times - she hasn't even been sleeping with the Dad. She sleeps with me the whole night.

8. "...what goes around... goes around... goes around... comes all the way back around..."

9. I hold my breath every time I back into the driveway... especially with the fourteen cars the neighbor has that are always on the top of the hill. I'm either going to get killed or someone is going to run into the car in the winter - god forbid.

10. There's something wrong with this picture. ;-)

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