Tuesday, November 9, 2010


TOT - Ten on Tuesday (Vegas edition)

1. I got myself this luscious little chocolate and pistachio cake for my birthday at Cafe Belle Madeleine inside the Paris Hotel. The chocolate ribbon had little skull and crossbones printed on it. ;-)

2. I almost convinced myself into getting a tattoo for my birthday. I had sketched up a winged heart after RoseBud died and found her paw prints on my phone so I thought I would use that - only problem was I couldn't figure out where to put it!

3. I want a Venus Fly Trap in my garden...
And I would like this guy to watch over that garden.

4. At one point in the flight I must have fallen asleep for a couple minutes... I woke up to strange silence - I looked out the window and it appeared to me that we weren't moving AT ALL! I looked around the plane and saw everyone sleeping and for a couple minutes I thought for sure that we were all dead. We weren't. I probably should have taken that Xanax I brought with me afterall!

5. I may have created a monster here... I resisted for all these years and finally broke down and bought my first bead... I really wanted my first one to be the PIG but I got a little DICE charm exclusive to Vegas.

6. We didn't find Mike Tyson's tiger in our bathroom but we did find this cute little baby tv in there. ;-)

7. You know that whole "what happens in vegas, stays in vegas" thing??? I almost had to! I had my suitcase and carry on and big giant bag I was using as a purse and I didn't realize it until we were almost to the other side that I left my purse on the floor at the big bank of check in kiosks. Someone had given it to the girl at the desk and I got it back with no problem but I'm wondering if they use the facial recognition like the casinos do to find crazy people who go running through the airport like OJ because bells went off when I got to security and I got pulled out to be searched!

8. I think the Bellagio Fountains are more impressive from across the street.

9. I actually found a slot machine with a PUG on it! It was called Maltese Fortune.

10. Lily was soooooo excited to see me... We got home late and (still three hours behind) went to bed really late - she kept coming in to see what I was doing and finally dragged me to bed and cuddled with me the whole night. Here she is playing with her new Kokopelli I gave her when I got back.

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