Saturday, November 6, 2010


There were some good costumes on Halloween in Vegas... There were, of course, a lot of XL girls in size S clothing... a bunch of slutty leprechauns, a couple Brett Michaels, Sonny and Cher, Mary and Joseph, the ever popular plug and outlet... Some guy on stilts with Superman on his back...
I resisted taking pictures of everyone but here's a good overview...
Out of all the freaks and ghouls and super heros, though, this little guy was the biggest hit.
He would spin around until he would fall over and all the contents of his pumpkin would go spilling on the ground.. everyone would throw money and laugh and applaud and take his picture.
The trampy candy corn was his mom.
Just for the record if I was 18 and had a little baby skunk I exploited for candy and tips I would have rocked the candy corn outfit as well - it was my favorite. I looked it up and may have to buy one and play dress up. I might opt for these shoes, though. So cute!

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