Saturday, November 27, 2010


Busy day yesterday full of shopping, food and fun... and yummy spicy mochas.
Started shopping around 7 AM and got home at 10 PM.
Things got depressing for awhile. It started when I saw this pig mortar and pestle...
and full panic set in when I saw these.
It's tough being a homeless person with such great decorating skills. ;-( I mean - come on - could those bowls be any more fabulous???

The trees at Shady Grove cheered me up...
and things got better after awhile... I think the newest Pittsburgh Anthropologie may even be nicer than the Galleria one!
Anthropologie has always been my own little Eat Pray Love without even needing a passport. I'm always visually and texturally and every other way over stimulated and then I regret never going to FIT for a brief second and then I get totally inspired and just want to head to the nearest tag sale or go home and make a garland out of paper clips, jute and tea stained coffee filters or some other random finds...

Can you really change your life with three simple words or by stepping into a store... maybe not - but it's a start. We can all have a study abroad escape or buy whatever we see in there and recreate the little vignettes - I've done an ok job at that... but what happens when you walk out of the store - with or without those cute little shopping bags?

I left the store/my romanticized version of "home" thinking about that. I know... it was black friday, Jeannine, lighten up! I'm totally the "journey not the destination kind of girl" but I couldn't help thinking that at some point you have to arrive at your destination.

Where do you want to go? And What/Where/Who makes you feel most at Home?

Happy Saturday! I'm going to beat the cyber monday (virtual) crowds and order things on Amazon this morning... I like that place too. ;-)

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