Wednesday, November 10, 2010


We went on a little day trip when we were in Las Vegas... we left at 6 AM and got back around 11 PM... YES, it was a LONG day (and night)!!!!!
We passed the old Hacienda sign.

At times, the drive there was like being on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

We had a few stops - rest stop, short stop at Hoover Dam and lunch and an IMAX movie at the National Geographic Visitor Center. Here's a picture of Hoover Dam.
Then we were off to the Grand Canyon.
Along our path we came across this big guy getting a little snack...
It was like a sociology experiment... Safety in Numbers! One person started walking closer and closer and the rest followed along. He didn't seem to mind much and carried along with his walk back into the woods despite all the cameras clicking around him.
We only saw two but some of the people in our group that went to a different area saw more than 20.

You can see more photos here.

We didn't have much time on our tour to see everything around us - there was so much to do. We didn't make it to El Tovar and we missed a couple galleries and shops and the Hopi House. I would probably do the helicopter the next time to see if from a different perspective - it makes you wonder what is really down there - but it, undeniably, was spectacular from every view...
Some of my favorites though didn't showcase the canyon entirely... The sun shining though this little hole...
...and the little trees that grew out of the rocks.
The split...
...and the boulder teetering on top.
Imperfection in Perfection... as it should be.

You can see more of my photos in a slideshow by clicking here.

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