Thursday, November 11, 2010


Since there are no sidewalks and nowhere to walk around here, Lily and I have been going to the park a couple times a week while it's still nice so she can see some people and other dogs... We haven't been there since I've been back in town so she was extra excited to go for a ride today. She loves to climb up the hills...
...and likes to pretend to be really annoyed at the camera. ;-)
...and when we get back in the car we always do a full body search and shout a little warning to any possible stowaways...
She's been pretty clingy the past few days... I feel kind of bad for her. I wonder if she thought I abandoned her when I went away. I was reading an article in one of my dog magazines while I was on the plane about dogs getting upset when a family member leaves the house - either through death or divorce or even kids going off to school and how they experience the same set of "empty nest" emotions that people do. They crave consistency and routine and sometimes it's even worse because they are family pack animals and when one member leaves they get depressed. She couldn't get ANY closer to me the night I came back. It was almost neurotic. I don't even think RoseBud was THIS attached to me. From the second I walked in the door she wanted to be held and slept as close as she could get...
I'm definitely part of her pack. ♥♥♥

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