Friday, October 23, 2015

She was big and hard to push. She was loud and a little rough but I liked her and she liked me. I took her to Kennywood last year in her old wheelchair that went as slow as slow can be.  Seriously it took us like 45 minutes to get into the park. We watched a movie one night - it was my late night - we watched Last Vegas. We laughed and laughed.   A few days later I found out she died. I wasn't there. A lot of people have come and gone. In fact, very many as of late. I didn't really expect her to go. Even being in a lot of pain she still came out to most things - usually complaining all the time. She loved scratch lottery tickets and only wanted to use blue bingo chips.  On game night - right before dinner -  she would always say... can I ask you a question?  Like it was really urgent. I would go over and she would laugh and say what are we playing tonight? We all got off topic one day while doing an activity and started talking about foods they would like to have that they don't get… pickled pigs feet and sardines were a couple of responses.  I bought some sardines the other day and had planned on surprising them with them.  I just looked at my desk and realized she'll never get them.

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