Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I'm not a sports girl. I do watch the fights all the time because I grew up watching boxing. I always hope that Penn State wins and the Pirates and The Steelers and The Penguins and I'll watch the game if it's on but at the end of the day - I could really care less who wins or loses. Maybe it would be different if I had kids in sports - as it should be. I don't know. Whatev.  We were in G & G the other night sitting under this.

I thought about something. When I was married, my husband would always want to go grocery shopping or to IKEA during a game because it would be "less crowded." He was never one for sports - he'd be in the kitchen with the ladies when we went to Mum's for the game.  I needed to get some stuff done = errands and things I've been putting off so I went to Sam's today. I figured it would be empty. I was shocked at the amount of people -  particularly men - that were in Sam's… young, old, sporty and not so sporty, single and with their others… What's up with that? Maybe everyone hates Mchael Vick?  There were some that were there in their little costumes.

I assume this dude was checking the score on his phone - or maybe he was on Tinder - or maybe he was ordering some stuff on Amazon???  I don't know. Good for you, boys that don't feel like you have to be like all the cool kids. Sam's Club on game day is so much cooler.

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