Sunday, October 11, 2015

I don't do the sing-a-longs very much at work but when I do I always grab the damn bin that has It Had To Be You in it… As I mentioned the other day, I've come to not like the words forever and always and others like them. That's a shame but that's where I am right now. I deal with end of life on a daily basis. We've had a lot of deaths as of late and we work with hospice daily… In class there was a story about a woman who was coming in every day to see her husband… she couldn't do it anymore because his dementia was getting worse and it was too difficult and she didn't see the point. The administrator got a grant to install a camera in his room and they would film their encounters.  She stopped one day on her way to do errands and told him she just had a second but wanted to stop by and say hello before she ran to the store. She said she loved him and walked out the door.  Eleven minutes later, as seen on the film, he turned his head to the door and said "love." It took that long to process and verbalize, but he heard her.

Did you see this sweet video of this couple - 92 year old man sings to his dying wife?

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