Sunday, October 25, 2015

Remember that farmer's market I said we stopped at the other day?  Hold that thought.  I was out for awhile and  I got back and was doing some things in the back room and The Dad calls me and says The Bud is biting her foot off. I stopped her and she seemed ok and about a minute later she starts running all over the house… pushing her face into every cushion and pillow… shaking her head, etc…

I didn't know what to do so I gave her a Benedryl and called Carey and sent her video of what she was doing.  She was obviously having a reaction to something. She wasn't calming down so I had no choice but to put her in the car and take her to Avets. That ride wasn't fun - to say the least. I was calm but hysterical and getting more and more angry at a certain someone as visions of RoseBud danced in my head. We got to Avets and there had to be fifteen cars in the parking lot. She seemed to have calmed down slightly so we waited. In a little bit she seemed to be ok.

We went to Target's parking lot - in case it was just a false calm before the storm and she was going to do it again. We called Carey and I decided to head back to the house. She went in, got a drink and went under the dining room table and did it again! Not as bad but still acting weird.

I figured out it had to be something in the house. Upon investigating… I found hot pepper seeds under the table. The Dad stuffed the ones I got the other day at the farmers market and he or she must have tracked them all through the house - he's a bit messy in the kitchen. I think she got them on her paw(s) - rubbed her face - and started to freak. I googled a little (and of course called Carey again!) and discovered some assholes that were giving their dogs hot peppers for fun.  I also read about giving them milk. I figured I would take the tummy ache (if that happened) and gave her some cheerios and milk.  It seemed to help. I just wanted to buy some time and avoid a $500.00 emergency vet bill...

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