Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Lily has been doing a lot of reverse sneezing which I know isn't uncommon but it's still scary.  A couple nights ago she actually started with a weird cough. I freaked. The cough got to me and all I thought of was RoseBud so I called to get an appointment. We were able to see Dr Mann yesterday. Luckily I was off work.

We were waiting in the office and he comes in and shouts, Lily DeLuca… and looks at me and says I'll never be ok with that.  Tell me about it - Dr. Mann. We were cracking up.  I told him that when she's in trouble I still call her by her full birth name - Lily Bud DiGioia!  She knows I mean business when the whole name comes out.

Anyway, the cough stopped by the time the appointment came, of course.  Though I had a couple videos of her doing it. I flat out told him that I think I panicked and she seems ok but there were a couple other issues if he had time… he spent the longest time messing around with her - cleaning her teeth and her ears and her eyes and her anal glands… he brushed her (she let him!) and did her nails. It was like he didn't want to leave. The tech kept saying she was such a good pug and he said she wasn't just good - she was the best. ;-)  I think he had RB on his mind, too.

Truth is, believe it or not, David was way better at taking care of The Buds than I was. I never do her ears right and she fights with me. I feel like the bad single mom that just can't get it together. I hate, hate, hate leaving her at home when I have to go to work. She always seems so sad when I leave. I know some people have to but I don't know how anyone could leave their kids and go to work.

I got a front row spot at Bado's so I ordered takeout and ran in… I never leave her in the car by herself  but I could see her the whole time so I thought it would be ok.  I was so paranoid for the three minutes I was in the restaurant that they probably thought I was nuts. I threw money down and was out of there. It's been awhile since I had a baby reuban and the last time I had one it was just so-so. This one was just like I remember  - fabulous.

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