Saturday, October 17, 2015

We started out at a yard sale yesterday and we bought way too much stuff. I think they thought we were a couple so they just put everything together and gave us one price so I'm not even sure what anything cost individually but we got pretty good deals on everything.  I mentioned I worked at a nursing home so they started giving me things as we were leaving.

Here's one thing I regret buying.

Question to self - what the fuck were you thinking?

Question to Chrissy - why the hell didn't you stop me?

I actually do know what I was thinking… this would be an awesome kitchy side table in the house I don't have. It was $5 and I have $400 a month worth of storage units for it to go directly to so I'm good. It's a vintage Babee Tenda feeding table.

I got some stuff for crafts at work. I pinned this cute pumpkin craft the other day that used these paper plate holders. I'm probably not going to get to it, though, so I may have to re-work it into a snowman.

I asked how much this plastic chicken was and they just gave it to me so - obvs - it's priceless. Dirty flowers included.

I got a bunch of other stuff including old maps, some pyrex, a spoon rest that I want to make into a face, some flower paintings I'm going to redo, a mug holder, plastic bonsai… I also got this fab red metal tub and creepy baby.  God knows I don't have enough of either of those things.

What a fun day we had - even with the whole shoe thing I mentioned yesterday. We went to such cute places. It was like we were on vacation.

I have to say that I didn't even know these places existed. We have discovered so many interesting houses and stores and knocked on people's doors or called to tell them we were there and they just pop over and open their basement. I have no business buying anything but it's fun to look. I like this weird mix of primitive and industrial and vintage 50s so I'm always finding something.  I just love everything! This reminded me of those burlap scarecrows we made on Friday night!

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