Friday, October 23, 2015

We started off at a sale at the Salvation Army drop off center in Delmont then went to Apollo.

We stopped at some Farmer's Market on the side of the road.  I'm not even sure where it was, I'm rubbing off on Chrissy. She didn't even hesitate and just pulled right in. It's usually me that goes off the path and stops every place I see.

YAY for Birch Beer!

Our adventures have been bringing us to some magical places. I will take a back road any chance I can...

We were trying to find our way to the 1824 Walker Farm House in Leechburg. The GPS couldn't find it but we called and were directed there… he told us to turn around and make sure the sun was coming through the driver's side window. If it was, we'd be headed in the right direction. They actually weren't open (we didn't know that) but they opened for us.

We are finding so many interesting places on our travels.  Not that I was such a city girl but I didn't realize there were so many cows and barns so close by. Do you remember the movie Baby Boom?  Every time we go out and go into a little store I get back in the car and feel like I need to start a baby food company!

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