Friday, October 30, 2015

I had to go to the doctor over a week ago because I was having terrible ringing and pain in my ears. She didn't think it was anything and I went on my way with Flonase which I hate… a couple days ago I thought I was getting a cold and it seems like it's turning into something more now. It's my birthday weekend and I'm off the entire time so I had to suck it up. Chrissy, Cara and I went out today…

We went to Twisted Thistle in Leechburg for lunch.

The place was really pretty.

Food was ok. I couldn't decide between the grilled cheese and the apple salad (because it was so me) so I got both (it's my birthday) and we shared the poutine. I read about the corn fritters but they only serve them in the evening. The waitress said she would ask if they would make them for us and they did. Chrissy got the special. I think it was some chicken fettuccini thing and Cara got the chicken teriyaki.
We did some shopping in Leechburg and met a really nice guy at his fabulous home. Check out Sorisio's Antiques.  Some of the best old furniture I've seen is in his barn and go to the back room of his house - old spring house with fish in it and the most fabulous finds. Great place.

We are starting to feel like we are in Wayward Pines and can't get out of the same few places we've been going to. Ended the night in Vandergrift.  There were some witches out - I think it was their trick or treat night.
We ran into G&G for dessert - this is starting to become our place now. The girls got pie and I got the banana chocolate chip cake. It reminded me a little of the one we used to get at Bado's.
I got sicker and sicker as the night went on. I need to get to bed. Early morning tomorrow if I make it through the night. I can't breathe at all.

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