Tuesday, October 6, 2015

We brought some boxes over here to sort through - some of the papers that got wet that I just have to check and make sure there's nothing in there that is important before I throw away… some school stuff… some random stuff that was just emptied out of a drawer. The plan was/is to go through a few a night and get things in order. I haven't been doing a great job with it but decided to go through some.

I have to admit that, some times, it's like Christmas. I've found some forgotten treasures. Often times you never know what gift you are going to discover when you open a box.  Some times, though, it's not really the gift you want. While sorting, I opened a box with a bunch of different things in it. I found some cards that looked like they were never opened. I saw on the front they were to me. I held them in my hand for a minute or two or ten and wondered if they were actually ever opened. Did I somehow miss them?  Were they put in after and were just a bunch of "thanks for wasting the last 24 years of my life" cards??  I went upstairs and got a letter opener and discovered that they were from the last year… the last Special Day… the last Wedding Anniversary and the last Christmas. Turns out, like some cruel joke, they were old and once opened and must have sealed themselves in the heat of storage where they sat for who knows how long. The sentiment was all the same on each of them.

There was one running theme.


Funny how just a few months later the sentiment changed so drastically.

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