Friday, October 16, 2015

The furnace guy had to come out yesterday so I knew I would be captive here at the house. That was a good thing. I got some laundry done and other chores I've been pushing aside. It was a Hoffstots night so Chrissy came over here to help me go through some things and try to use my space better… we didn't get too much done. We just stood around and discussed possibilities and she did a lot of measuring and drawing diagrams. We are different in that way. She likes to take measurements and plan things out. I just drag items all over the house and hope they fit. Two different methods - pros and cons to each. ;-)

I haven't been feeling that great so my method is proving to be more difficult.  We did plan out our Friday adventure. Well, she did. Seriously, she should be working for AAA because she is a pro at map searching and trip planning. Anyway, she is on a mission to go to every small town in our area. I got her into junking and her friend, Sally, got her into primitives and we created one insane chick. ;-)  Give her an antiques brochure and she's on it.

We were in Vandergrift and Apollo and Leechburg today ( I think)…

Let me start from the beginning, though.

The plan was to get a lot done yesterday so I could fully enjoy today.  Like I said, I didn't do half of what I planned (and never even made it to storage) so that always makes me feel a little guilty for leaving the house. It happens all the time… and then I go out all day playing and then I beat myself up over it later.

Story of my life.

The Dad still can't get his car in the garage and there is stuff everywhere and I need to work on my art classes and maybe take a nap…  Regardless, I still choose to go out on our adventures.

Every week it's the same thing. We plan on a time and I'm at least an hour and a half late…  I just can't get out of the house. Being off yesterday, I was (almost) on time today except for one little hitch.

I couldn't fasten my shoe!

I felt terrible… Neither one of my hands were working… I was struggling.

Then a thought came into my head.

I can't take care of you anymore.

It often comes down to that.  You talk about words that haunt you…

I thought about it and was like - wait…

Who is going to take care of me?

Who is going to put my shoes on when I can't?

I'm going to be like one of those ladies at the nursing home, laying in bed waiting and waiting and waiting for one of the aides to come in after they pressed the call button 45 minutes ago. That is if I even make it that long. I'm kind of hoping I don't.

All day, I was a little off - because of my shoe. What's funny is I never actually fastened it. The whole day. That could be symbolic - I don't need anyone to help me - but, actually, I was so out of it I think I just forgot.

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