Sunday, October 18, 2015

I will choose a diner over a fancy restaurant any day of the week. We were starving after the yard sale so we went directly to lunch before we hit the stores. I did a random yelp search and came up with this

menu in a binder = love.

The only problem I have with diners is whether to choose the hot turkey sandwich

or the club sandwich.

Two of my favorite things in the universe.

Chrissy has been on a poutine kick.. She got a burger and I got a club sandwich. I will usually get the house special or something named for the restaurant. Bonus if there is a fried egg on it!*

I'm not a pie fan. I usually don't pass up a bite of chocolate cake. They didn't have any so I got one of the only pies I like. They had a chocolate mouse versus chocolate cream so I went with that. It was good. $3 dollar.

* Note. I know I post a lot of food pics. Even though I'm fat I usually only eat half of everything - if that. The rest goes to The Dad or stays in the car all day until I throw it out.  I'm usually too busy talking and everyone else is finished with their food or I get so tired I quit eating.

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