Sunday, June 5, 2011


Every time I'm in Target or anywhere really I usually go down the baby and toy aisles... I've always done that. I was surprised to see so many pig things lately... pigs aren't as easy to come by as you would think. This was a good one.... so cute.

It sat in my cart for awhile - it was the only one there too which is usually a good enough reason for me to give it a good home. I resisted and put it back on the shelf and didn't buy it.

I did buy these washcloths and star toy... for the puppy dog. Figured since I was using them it made better sense.
I forgot to post these pictures of her getting a bath last week.

She wasn't as excited to get in the tub as she was getting the star toy.

"Let's just get this over with, okay?"
I waited for hours until The Dad was finished watching Patton (with commercials) so he could help me - when the movie was over we brought her downstairs to go potty before her bath and he said he was going to sit outside... I said I thought you were going to help me wash Lily - that's why I waited... His response... do you need me to help? ;-) So I did it by myself which made the pup a little more frustrated because I had to stop every couple minutes to dry my hands so I could take pictures! ;-)
RoseBud used to do a crazy dog run and knock all the pillows off the bed after her bath - Lily just went in my room and took my shoes out of the closet.
Payback for all those pictures.

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