Tuesday, June 28, 2011


TOT - Ten on Tuesday
1. It has been all about food here... we met with the nutritionist over the weekend. I'm having a really hard time trying to figure out what to eat and feed the Dad. He's no help either. She asked him what he has been eating and he rattled off everything that was on his old list - half the stuff we haven't even had in the house lately. She called him on it and said that was bullshit but he insisted it was true. I told her I ate half a wheel of brie and almost a whole box of nut thins for lunch one day and I wasn't lying. ;-) She was really strict in her plan for him and said that he will more than likely be on dialysis soon. The nephrologist wasn't as doomsday as her. I don't get it. I need to get in touch with her and try to work out some meals... I'm really feeling lost in all of this.

2. I went to my therapist's office today with a little kid notebook... it had trees and colorful birds on it. Before I sat down I asked him if there was some sort of psychological reason for that. ;-) He laughed and said it didn't surprise him... I would be buying this stuff for my kids. He asked me how I felt when I saw strollers and other things. I told him to sit down - I had a story about some raccoons to tell him about!

4. WOW.

5. I wonder how many times we got food off those poor kids.

6. Seems like Lily is feeling better... I think she was just tired. I hope she perks up soon - we have a lot to do! Does anyone else tip toe around in the dark so they don't wake their sleeping dog?!? I've been late for a lot of appointments because this little pup likes to sleep in. She also gets mad at me for having a light or book light on. I think she needs her own room. ;-)

7. I had to pick up a prescription for Glo today - I got to her house to drop it off and she seemed like she wanted to do something so I suggested we go to Target - I swear it took me about three hours to get through the store... then we had to eat and then we went to Glen's for ice cream - I wanted to scream but she was having so much fun and kept saying it was such a good day. You know how I hate kids with dirty faces and hands? Turns out I hate grown ups with dirty faces and hands just as much! It couldn't be helped - it was so hot outside. I can't even post the picture of the mess. I planned accordingly and got a milk shake - and had to go get wet wipes out of the car.

8. Perfect fit.

9. This commercial cracks me up every time I see it.

10. This girl was in Giant Eagle today picking up a prescription for one of her kids - I don't know which one - the one in the baby carrier or the one in the cart with the bags or the little boy next to the cart... she was holding up the line because she couldn't remember the one kid's birthday in order to pick up the prescription... all I could think of was that I wished I had that problem. ;-(

Here's a picture of the bud feeling a little better - she brought her piggy ball outside with her tonight. ;-)

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