Saturday, June 25, 2011


I've said before I'm addicted to school supplies and notebooks and folders. You know those cute folders with kittens and stuff on them... love them. Don't they remind you of 70s and 80s school days? And, since he was fond of baby animals too... has it really been two years today since Michael Jackson died? That's hard to believe.

Anyway, I went back and forth on the Hulton Bridge 6 times today... once to the nutritionist, once to monthly girls lunch and once to Glo's - time management and route planning are not my specialities. 5 times I drove by two dead baby raccoons on Shannon Road. The first thing that entered my mind was - awww... I bet the mother was crossing and they were trailing behind and didn't make it across fast enough. I wondered what the mama did when they were hit - if she looked back or kept walking or if she went over to them to see if they were ok... That's probably a strange thought, I know. What's more strange is that I wanted to stop and take their picture. Is there something wrong with me for wanting to do that? It wouldn't be the first time I posted a dead animal on here! I didn't, though. It's on a pretty bad curve of the road so I was afraid to stop. There's also a dead baby skunk on our road too. It's been an animal filled day. Chrissy called me and said that there was a dove with ankle bracelets on at the storage unit... it came real close to her - she took its picture and someone else called the news because he heard there was a missing dove on the loose... I found the story online. I can go in so many directions with the symbolism on this one so I'm not even going to go there. There has to be some hoarder there with an empty bird cage in their unit to try to capture the poor thing!!! I hope it finds the way home. ;-(

Back to the raccoons - what's even more strange than the whole mama's reaction to her children being hit was my second thought... I'll never get to buy a stroller.

I told you it was strange.

Since I didn't get to take a picture of the baby raccoons I'll post a picture of zebras.
Did you know they lean on each other for support and to keep an eye out for predators? Talk about true companions.

For more cute animals go here. It started off as my pug board and then I ended up adding all kinds of cuteness to it. ;-)

Can't keep my eyes open... going to bed.

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