Thursday, June 23, 2011


We had to go to the vets today... Lily had to go in for xrays because of her recurring urinary tract infections.
We were scheduled to see the new guy and didn't know much about him so we were kind of happy and surprised to see Dr. Kelly walk in - not sure why we got the switch. Lily did scare the heck out of some little kid's shih tzu puppy, Jimmy, but other than that she was a really good girl.

Dr Kelly is so cute - she calls her kiddo all the time. Lily must have spun around a hundred times... it's kind of embarrassing - I can't get her to stop. She gained .2 lbs (21.9) so she's not too bad but I'd like to get her down to 20! She has to start getting out more. I may start taking her to the school at night if it's not too frightening up there. She wasn't crazy about her bladder being pressed and gave the doctor a look that I wish I had my camera out for but she was really good with the ear exam. She even got a mani-pedi while she was there too!

I was thinking of changing vets to somewhere closer but I don't think I can. We really like everyone there. Dr. Mann still has our Christmas card with RoseBud's portrait taped in Lily's file. ;-) They brought me back to see the xrays and it looked like everything was ok!!! Turns out she doesn't take after her grandpa with this at least. $260 later we found NO bladder stones - at least no big ones - she may have small ones (her bladder wasn't full so it was hard to tell) but she would be able to pass them... that brought about a slightly too long conversation regarding dog vulvas. ;-)

We left the office, went to Sonic for iced tea and on our way home we were happy to see a familiar someone on the side of the road walking with none other than KOKO!
Unfortunately I didn't get a good picture. ;-( We couldn't get out to play because I had to get back to meet The Dad at his doctors appointment so they had to say their hellos in the car. They were so excited to see one another - they were squealing with delight! She and RoseBud were BFFs too. There's a picture of them here. Poor koko is so gray now. ;-(

The puppy was pooped from her big day out and was happy to get home to take a nap.
Those little hanging legs crack me up!

Love the Bud. ♥

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