Friday, June 24, 2011


O.P.P (other people's...perspective)

I'm annoyed with people - friends and family - bitching about their husbands all the time or telling me I'm the lucky one. I mean it's different being out with friends and venting about something - it's just outright hatred that I can't stand. I was somewhere once and someone said the only thing men are good for is having babies - other than that there was no reason to be with them. It's annoying to "hear" these comments online too - ranting about stupid shit or the hate one day and love the next. Sometimes it seems like the ones who complain most about the drama in their lives are the ones who create it. I recently told my husband that I remember several occasions where we would be in bed and I would wake up and look at him sleeping and wonder IF I could live without him. The answer was always the same - YES! I knew I could. I just didn't want to be without him. Be careful what you wish for.

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