Monday, June 20, 2011


Poor Lily Bud... I think she forgot how to walk on a leash! I put her collar on and attached her leash and she kept looking back like what are you doing? She's not used to a collar anymore.

The other day I brought her in from going potty and had to leave quickly... I said come on I'll give you a treat (like I do when I leave) but for some reason she must have thought she was coming with me because she started crying and ran down the steps. The poor thing thought she was going with me! I was running late for an appointment and had to bring her right back upstairs. I felt bad because it seemed like she really wanted to go for a ride.

She had to go to the vets today... a few days ago she woke me up at 4 am to go potty and she's been doing the same things she did last month with her UTI. It turns out she has another one. They found some crystals in her urine sample now so she has to go back on Thursday for xrays to make sure it's not bladder or kidney stones or something worse. Poor thing was so excited to go out and she didn't even go anywhere fun! She needs to get out more and socialize with other dogs. She really likes people. Here she is "helping" the guy from Metro fix the air conditioner last week...

She's definitely a little more social than RoseBud - she just doesn't get out as much. I'm thinking about joining Venture Outdoors again to do the Doggy Day Treks. I've been hesitating for months now. I just don't know if I will be reminded of RoseBud. The Doggy Day Trek was the last thing we did with her.
I'm just looking at this picture...I should have known from that tail that she was too tired to go on. ;-(

RoseBud was a little more active and loved walking around the neighborhood. We would go on really long walks and she was so good. I'm not so sure Lily could take it but thought she might be ok on something easy. She loves being outside. I may try to get in touch with someone from VO and see if there are easy ones going on. I think she'd get her own membership card now too!

I'm debating on taking her to the Pirates game tomorrow night. I don't know how she would do and if I can handle her so I've been kind of back and forth with the idea. She doesn't really seem sick from her urinary track infection but she's still recovering from the big party so she's been a little tired.

This is her I don't want to get out of bed look from this morning.

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