Thursday, June 9, 2011


I think I've said it before - I'm not the best gardener... I can never figure out which way the sun goes and sometimes I forget to water for days... but plants make me happy... especially hens and chicks and all kinds of succulents. Ever since I saw that one in the shoe at the little place near the old PBS&J office I was hooked. And my life has become filled with my favorite things. Shoes and old (cooking) pots and rusty metal buckets are my go to "planters." I've always planted in the big yellow Tonka dump trucks too - again, one of my favorite things.
A couple years ago at Hanna's Town I got some of these other trucks that I love.
That rusty one - OMG. It was normal looking when I got it and perfect now! I need to get these ready for this season - though I'm debating on just emptying them out and bringing them to storage so I can remember them - but then I think of that email about the lady saving her pretty nightgown for all those years never wearing it until her husband buried her in it. I've talked about that before on here I think... must be an issue with me yet I still want to "save" my rusty old trucks - talk to Dr. N about that. ;-)

Anyway, today was bring all pots over to the new house day... it's been on the calendar for weeks. Of course it was the hottest day of the friggin year. Well maybe yesterday was - but today was just as bad. It's a little over grown over there but there are so many things in the garden... hosta, day lilies, peonies, lily of the valley, foxglove... it made me miss my plants at Dixon House.

I'm trying to get things together over here - there's a fine line of how much I want to do here because I don't know how long we should stay. I keep going back and forth with the moving issue - it's just too small and I don't feel that safe and it's very difficult to maneuver the cars. Plus there's not enough parking for Friday nights. ;-) The boys want to build a fire pit in the back but I'm afraid The Bud will jump in... I want to put in a bocce court but I'm afraid someone will hit the dog... I still want my mini house... it all just seems kind of stupid yet I don't want to be here "not wearing my nice nightgown" if you know what I mean. What am I waiting for? I'm confused and overwhelmed on so many things.

I came in tonight filthy dirty and soaked from head to toe. I helped The Dad plant the rest of his tomatoes and peppers and eggplant. I finally connected the hose and was playing with it - The Bud got sick of me and banged on the door to go IN. So it was just me and the hose in the air - raining down on me. I probably could have stayed out there for hours but it was getting dark. When it's not "raining" my apprentice is always eager to help play in the dirt. I think she just wanted to EAT the dirt. ;-)
All this plant stuff, though, made me miss one of my favorite things tonight - taking breaks and running up to Rolliers! ;-(

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