Tuesday, June 21, 2011


TOT - Ten On Tuesday (random thoughts)

1. I've said it before - I can't resist buying marshmallows. I don't even like them so much... the last couple times I went out, though, what did I do? I bought more marshmallows - the CARS ones and the GIANT ones. I think I still have the HEARTS down there. I couldn't resist these, though. Someone pinned them a couple months ago and I thought it was the cutest thing ever but I couldn't find them here until recently... Stacker Mallows!
The DeLuca's made their own circle of chairs on saturday night - sans fire pit - so we came up with where it should go in the yard. The boys are going to start one soon. I may have to stock up on these things for nightly smore sessions! While I'm thinking about it... where the hell is the TOP to the tent???

2. I used to get flowers a lot. To this day my most favorite are some metal ones I got. I saw this the other day up at Mt. Lebanon Floral. Not too long ago a certain someone would have walked up for coffee and came home with this. ;-( I couldn't bring myself to buy it. I wanted to but I didn't. Be still, my beating heart!!! So damn cute!

3. I was listening to the audio from the 911 calls on the news yesterday from the case for the police officer shootings. "Tell my wife and my kids I love them..." - what would your dying words be?

4. The only time age played a part for me was for fertility reasons... maybe because I always looked younger than I was and never really cared how old I was... it hit me last week when I went to see a new doctor with my dad and she asked him if he was still driving and he said yes and she made a big deal about it. I looked at her funny and thought he's only 70 and then I was like wow - he's 70! Have you seen this commercial? This is the extended version. I love this lady.

5. I want to get in the car and drive somewhere and just stop wherever I want to. No planned trip - just go and pick some random place to stay... get take out, go back to the room and read magazines all night while snuggled under the covers. I love the colors of travel... does that make sense? The green of the trees and the blue and white of the sky and the gray of the road.
It truly make me happy and sad at the same time... road signs and mile markers and all kinds of other strange little things can send me into the worst feeling ever. I thought I was having a heart attack the other day. I actually pulled the car over to the side of the road.

6. "Hey, Daddy... I want a baby elephant NOW" - said in my best Veruca Salt persona.

7. Katherine said I was a good temporary single mother the other day - getting her to her grad party she needed to go to... running my errands all over the backroads of Murrysville... giving the "kids" snacks in the car. I take my duties and responsibilities seriously. ;-) My love of snacks usually comes into play somehow. We had to stop four times on Crowfoot to let very slow walking deer cross the road. It was like the Shenandoah Mountains or the Safari in Animal Kingdom - we were waiting for deer to come around every corner.

8. I may have to live forever.

9. We had 15 cars for the birthday party the other night and our driveway only holds three - luckily the neighbors aren't around... I had two cars packed with stuff that was just laying around and had no place to go. I learned that little trick from Chrissy - thank god. The neighbor across the street screamed from her porch - "are you moving?" - which was annoying and kind of funny - that's how much stuff I needed to hide!!!

10. She's trying to use her powers for good... not evil. ;-) It's proving to be very difficult.

(I just have to add - I started this post on 6/21/11 and posted it at 12:16 am... it's still following me around.)

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