Monday, June 6, 2011



I saw this image on Pinterest the other day and it made me smile and brought tears to my eyes all in the same moment... It reminded me of a heart I once knew... it had two initials on it until they kind of just wore off... it was a little chipped from falling out of pockets and a little worn from time gone by. It was always carried with love - until it wasn't carried anymore.

A year ago I wrote a letter to my husband about following your heart versus leading with your heart... It wasn't meant to be accusatory as I think it was taken and was secondary to my plea to not give up on us. I can't say I buy the idea entirely and this is very religious geared but this is the basic concept.

It's a simple thing really ... following your heart is reactionary - though very romantic and what everyone wants to do. It's what movies are made of... where love songs come from... what butterflies flutter around... what sets your heart on fire. Leading with your heart is purposeful. It's intention...

I think there is something to say for the main point though which I think is entirely true... that your heart follows your investment. You get a return on what and who you put your investment, time, energy, money, etc... in. Like money in the bank... you get a return on that, right? When you stop investing in a relationship or a garden or a job or your schoolwork - you know how that's going to end up...

You're "heart" stops beating.

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