Sunday, June 12, 2011


It's been a crazy few months packing up Lake Ridge and an even crazier past week. It was cleaning day today and along with that we had the crazy idea that everything would be finished by tonight...that didn't happen. There's still some cleaning and a few extra things here and there and the ENTIRE contents of the kitchen left - we ran out of time and energy so that has to wait until tomorrow morning. I have an appointment with my neurologist so I'm not going to be able to help. My tour of duty is officially over. I can't say I'll miss loading and unloading the cars multiple times a day but I will miss the break room! ;-)
I have a few appointments this week but other than that I need to stay put in this house and get things done here. I NEED to do laundry really bad and desperately need to clean this house. Right now I need a bottle of ibuprofen, a shower, a massage and to sleep for about a week straight. The last couple days have stirred up a bunch of emotions - it's a ridiculous and useless thing to think yet it's still on my mind... ;-(
Goodbye Lake Ridge - thanks for the couple sleepovers and the birthday parties and the memories... here's hoping your new people don't say fuck as much as we did while we were packing. ;-)

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