Saturday, June 11, 2011


After months back and forth - with almost 3 storage units still filled and bringing over 6-7 trips of stuff we packed to the house yesterday... it was time for the real movers to arrive.
We all had about 3 hours sleep from the night before. This was the scene for some of the time WHILE the movers were moving everything in the new place... I think the kids had the right idea - everyone (including the movers) was kind of jealous.
Katherine, Natalie and I couldn't resist playing with the early 80's version of Pottery Barn's dry erase/ cork board station yesterday...
It's mandatory to sing It's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow when in the kitchen - it's about to spin into the next time period at any given moment. ;-)

I have a lot to say about the last 24 hours - had some visions of clarity today or maybe I was just hallucinating from lack of sleep! I don't really feel like getting into it right now...I am completely exhausted and can't even the Fugitive is on! I think I'm getting into bed and watching it there. I can't do anything else tonight.

Where's that puppy of mine?!? ;-)

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