Tuesday, June 14, 2011



1. I think I've said this before... no boy should drive a mini van - ever. It just doesn't look right. And no girl should drive a little mom car. I'm hoping my next "car" will be this. I've been checking on the truck rumors for years now. Just worried about Lily's car seat... I'll think I'll take it in green. ;-)

2. "My dog ate my (aunt's) prescription" is the new "my dog ate my homework." Oops.

3. Today is The Dads Birthday. Some of us went out to dinner... He picked the place. All he's been talking about is going to Golden Corral. Yes. I can't even believe it. It was HIS birthday so we HAD to go along with it. There must be commercials on tv that are enticing because that's all he's been talking about. Let's just say it was hysterical from the minute we parked... "We're not here for the ambiance" was the quote for the night! My stomach hurts from laughing - I hope it's from that and not food poisoning! I laugh every time I think of that place... it reminds me of when my MIL walked across a 6 lane highway on one of our pre-beach trips. ;-) Here's The Dad eating corn on the cob - he said it was a little small. ;-)

4. I said I wouldn't do it again after last summer's experience but I did it anyway. I'm two weeks behind on a four week online "composition for collage" class. Am I ever going to catch up with everything?

5. I doodled my first pig the other day... Oink! I'm thinking of bringing my friends bacon and eggs out again if I can find them.

6. "At night when the stars light up my room... I sit by myself - talking to the moon..." I took a picture of a spider on the swing and the moon got in the way!

7. The Dad went through a couple more drawers yesterday and gave me these things to give away... I noticed a subtle theme.
It's a little surprising because when he came home today and checked his mail I heard "GEEEEEEEEEE - come here" (calling me) from the other room - on the screen was an email of a facebook message he got today... Then he read me all the other ones. I swear on RoseBud when I walked in he was wiping his eyes - though the DeLuca men are notorious for crying. ;-) and :-(

8. Seriously, I'm done with these damn disney memory commercials... there's one on now. Someone come up with a new theme, please!

9. I bought a bikini today - bet you can't guess who it's for? I hope the tail hole isn't going to give it away. ;-)

10. If Chrissy had a hitch on her car we'd call it Starsky because every time she ran into mine she kept saying "Damn Hutch!" ;-)

Getting a little worried... My phone has been acting up and I thought my laptop died a couple days ago - it was stuck overnight and strange things are happening now and I can't figure out how to use this back up drive. If there are no photos in my upcoming posts - that's why.


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