Thursday, March 1, 2012


I'm going to start a new series... things that piss me off. What do you think? TTPMOT - things that piss me off thursdays??? ;-)

I've talked about the whole overuse of AWESOME on this blog before so you all know where I stand on that one.

This word is coming in a close second... AMAZING. Don't get me wrong - I've seen some "amazing" photographs and had "amazing" meals, etc... I'm talking about the overuse of the word on these reality kick off shows like American Idol.
No - not really. I mean I'm the first one to say reach for the stars but, come on, everyone is NOT amazing. Some people can sing and some can't. Fawning over these not so great singers is making me sick. This whole everyone is a winner and no losers for kids' sporting events and other things is out of control too. Some people are good at some things - some aren't. That should be OK. It's all just leading to the disillusionment of many people - young and old and is really, really sad.

I'm not even a big fan of these shows - we used to watch over the phone with The Dad and it was kind of funny because he would call after each person and tell us how much they sucked. He's all into the show, though, even though after EVERY one he vows to never watch it again - which is exactly Aunt Gloria's response after every Dancing With The Stars show. Not sure when that starts but I did hear the announcement of the cast and I swear - if Urkel doesn't win - I'm NEVER watching it again. ;-)

I just have one request - stop using this word and the like for ordinary performances and occurrences - we're going to lose sight of things that are, in fact, extraordinary.

Oh, and from now on, no one should sing Adele songs other than Adele.

The same goes for Earth Wind and Fire... unless you were part of the three elements - keep your mouth shut.

Rant over.

Prepare yourself, though, I feel like I'll be talking about the word CRAZY soon.

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