Tuesday, March 6, 2012


TOT - TEN ON TUESDAY (Disney edition)

1. David proposed to me 16 years ago today by taking a walk around the world... inside the box was a mickey ring.

2. I did a search for Disney on here to see what I already posted and there was a lot. If you follow along you know my story and connection to Disney... if not, you can read it here - at least part of it.

3. I have a rather large collection of Disney Door pictures I've taken through the years in the parks... primarily Epcot. The prints are still at the house. I still don't have the big computer up so I can't even look on there to post but they are really fantastic if I do say so myself. ;-) I would like to get them blown up BIG and put them somewhere.

4. Bad hair day? Blame these Disney girls. ;-)

5. I can't find a better picture on here but little known fact to some - I hand painted the letters of the words to when you wish upon a star for the master bedroom at Dixon House. They are individually attached with velcro along the entire room.

6. This is my favorite statue in WDW... Partners.
How do you think Mickey would have felt if Walt just let go and said "I can't take care of you anymore?"

6. I have all my Disney pins scattered on Pinterest in recipes, quotes, etc... but if you do a search on the main site - there are some really good Disney themed boards others have started. I was going to try to think of my favorite thing to eat in each of the parks but I think that may be too hard... I'll just name one (not even from any of the parks.) I think about this often and may make it this weekend - the crispy corn flake french toast from the little wolfgang pucks in the Marketplace. Yum. Yum. Yum. I think it was one of my first "pins" ever.

7. If you are a true Disney fan you probably already have these - if not... here are a couple (free) Disney fonts - click the name to download... Walt Disney (Waltograph) font and Mickey Mouse font.

8. If you are planning a trip to Disney this is one of my favorite sites for info, tips, menus, etc... AllEars.Net.

9. Favorite rides or attractions... that's a little easier than food. If I had only one thing to do in each park, I would choose... Magic Kingdom: Haunted Mansion... Epcot: Spaceship Earth... Hollywood Studios: Voyage of the Little Mermaid...Animal Kingdom: Finding Nemo - The Musical. That was a little harder to choose than I thought!

10. Favorite character - besides the big guys? I think it would be magical to be so DiVine. You Tube video here.

Looks like I messed up the numbers so one more because I like it...

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