Saturday, March 10, 2012


I tend to gravitate to the baby section when I'm out shopping... the cute little flower dresses and onesies with dogs on them pull me in every time. I needed to find baby washcloths today so I had a legitimate excuse to be in that department. Big ones are too hard to get in the little pups folds. I found the washcloths and saw something else....


RoseBud had a few besties - Bunny, Spider and Percy the Pug puppet from Pocahontas. Lily doesn't really have any special toy. Like RB, she has way too many - in fact, I was just "discussing" with her that we have to go through her toy bins and give some to the orphan dogs that don't have any. I said I wouldn't get her any more toys until we did that. I couldn't resist today, though, and came home with her very own bunny!

She tried to rip the legs, arms, ears, nose and tail off of it in about 15 seconds.

Chrissy teases me and says that RoseBud was my "Lizzie" and Lily is my "Katherine." She's definitely a wild (child) puppy.

Bunny is on the dresser for now until The Bud can be trusted with her!
"You're nobody till somebody loves you" is one of my most favorite Dean Martin songs... I still remember my Grandmother singing it to me. I can't stop thinking of this now, though. ;-)

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