Monday, March 5, 2012


I say that every time. Yes, miss natural and organic ate Zingers. I saw these at the store today and was feeling a little nostalgic and thought what the heck and I bought them.
I do that every 3 or 4 months and then say I'm never eating them again. They are just so cute all lined up with their weirdly think icing. I was going to Google how bad they are for you but I really don't care. They remind me of Snoopy and grade school lunches. I remember having two different individually wrapped ones or my mother would take two out of the snack packs and re wrap them in perfectly folded tin foil... like a present. She was an expert gift wrapper much like myself. ;-) I could never eat three (or maybe she just wanted to eat the other one.) I should have taken note of that rule earlier and stopped at two... or maybe one. An old man packed my bags at the store today - he told me which bag my "lunch cakes" were in and said "if you know what I mean..." I said I knew exactly what he meant and thanked him for the info and he laughed when I said "they're not going to make it home."

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