Sunday, October 3, 2010


I've been feeling a little bad for Lily - she hasn't been going out as much... No walks. No seeing new people. No more going to the Dad's since she's already here! I totally forgot about the Paws for the Cure today. It was raining a little so I guess that's ok. I decided to take her to Journeys of Life for a pet blessing since tomorrow is the Feast of St Francis - the patron Saint of animals.

You DO have the keys, right???
Everyone loved her, of course, and liked her neurotic spinning. She sat like a little lady for our own personal prayer. After the blessing and a spinning extravaganza through the store we did a little window shopping.
Then it was back in the car for a nap and to the house to finish her big old bone the minister lady gave her. Good day for a little pup.
Blessed Be.

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