Friday, October 8, 2010


We were in Ligonier today. As we were walking around I kept saying that I want to move there... I was quickly reminded that I said the same thing the last time I was in State College and, in fact, I just said it last week in Delmont so it seems like I'm just looking to go somewhere else. Though I have to say I have a running theme.... white, somewhat dilapidated, big porch, flowers... you know kind of like home. ;-)

I'm always reminded of Denise when I'm there... she was married at the church right outside of the Diamond. It's been 6 years (just a few days ago) that she's been gone.

We had our loaded baked potatoes (and a few other things) and did a little shopping and a lot of walking. Knees and ankles know that too well.

I had to resist a few things because of some space issues. There was a big, fabulous pig planter in Persnickety.... and there were SO many cute, cute snowman things. I passed on this, though I really wanted it...
... and these (all of them) - especially at 50% off would have normally been in the car.

I did get the obligatory dip mixes...

... and a really great candy corn battery candle and my new friend "Joey."
It's hard to find boy dolls like that and the sweater and trousers were too cute plus the spikey hair! Today is Joe's birthday too so I had to give this Joey a new home.

I got a good deal on these shoes...

...and bought an early 40th bday present...
She was a little expensive (more than my shoes!) but I could not resist her - thanks, Daddy. We're calling her Josephine since we wanted to keep the Joe theme going for the day.

So with candy corn wishes and pumpkin kisses (saw that on something today) and real estate books in hand, I'm off to bed.

Maybe I don't hate the fall after all.

Sweet Dreams.

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