Sunday, October 10, 2010



I'm a big numbers person... it's a bit of an obsession... I know every significant date in my life. I can tell you the date of every conception and due date of every baby I didn't have... Kind of useless stuff. I'm a planner and have been know to be obsessed with time. I look for significance in numbers everywhere... I count things... I know - Weirdo!

I've been waiting for this day to talk about the 10-10-10 book. I bought it many months ago. Suzy Welch does some columns in a couple magazines. The book was ok. I liked the idea better - it's just a decision making process for anything really. What does your decision mean in 10 minutes - 10 months - 10 years??? If anything, I think it made me be a little less reactionary - I definitely feel like I'm learned that in recent months and that's a good thing. It does make me think now: What happens after the "reaction" when the "consequenses" come into play?

I guess some people can think of this day as something good or something bad. I for some reason think this particular set of numbers is good. Though that's not my usual thought process. I would probably still be leery to fly on this day because I think it would make a spectacular headline. "10/10/10 Massacre in The Sky." And I am wondering if I should go to the MAC machine - the computer may go all crazy and eat my card... Or will that UFO that I always think is hovering over me when I take the dog out finally land tonight before midnight??? ;-)

I always liked that my birthday was in 70... it's always easy to figure out how old I am. I had big plans for this 2010 year... with what would have been my due date (and the "third" would have had a "10" birth year) and a 40th birthday approaching soon. Now it's been overshadowed by something else. So, let me see - In 2010 I turn 40... 2020 = 50... 2030 = 60... 2040 = 70... 2050 = 80!!! If I live to be as old as Aunt Gloria I guess I'll see that. If not... well, I guess I won't.

Anyway, just wanted to document that I like the number 10! I think a lot of people do. That's probably why we have Top Ten lists I bet. It's an easy number, happy, not too much yet just enough to be meaningful and significant.

So HAPPY 10/10/10! 11/11/11 and 12/12/12 will be here before we know it. ;-) And then we'll have a few days to talk about 12/21/12 before we all self destruct. ;-)

OK - I have to do this...
10/10/10... 1+1+1 = 3. 3 is 5... 5 is 4... 4 is 4
10/10/10... 10+10+10 = 30. 3+0 is 3... 3 is 5... 5 is 4... 4 is 4
(just for the record - there are ten dashes up there if anyone is counting.)

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